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Aed 35.00 / per person

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Aed 150.00 / per person

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Aed 150.00 / per person


#1: Would you say you are eager to move the fun of desert safari Dubai once more? We are! Plunged in the adventures of limitless tomfoolery and fervour, we present the best desert safari encounters in Dubai. Whether you pine for a supreme meeting of the morning, evening, or short-term safari in Dubai, we have you covered. We are the most confided in Visit Administrator in Dubai beginning around 1998.

#2: We have given the best Desert Safari for 22 years and offer the most exceptional and supreme determination of Experience Tours and Safari in Dubai.

#3: We offer you the ideal chance to experience and adore the wonders that Bedouin deserts have available for you. With each desert safari experience, you can savor the adventures that could only be described as an epic ride in the marvels that the Bedouin deserts have put away for you.

We have organized a heap of desert safari exercises, experience projects, and fun exercises you will never forget. When you partake in the desert safari that we offer, you will constantly long to return for more

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  • Great Deals & Packages
  • Wide variety of top-rated thrilling desert safaris and exciting city tours

  • 24/7 Customer Support through email, online chat and telephone

  • Secure online transactions
  • 22 year Rich experience in organizing desert safaris
  • Safe, Licensed, and insured vehicles
  • Trained and licensed driver-cum-guides (DTCM approved)
  • Guaranteed safety against COVID-19
  • Customized packages
  • Affordable and competitive package rates
  • Smooth conduct of the safari for the best experience
  • Best Value for money paid in the industry
  • Experienced tour crew
  • Promoters of ethical animal and responsible tourism
  • Best Google reviews by customers
  • Direct booking (no third party/agent involved)
  • No hidden/additional charges
  • Unlimited mineral water/soft drinks
  • Handpicked best desert safari locations

Value Additions that Make us the Best Desert Safari Service Provider

The food at the Desert Safari is new, privately obtained, and ready flawlessly by our on-location culinary experts.
The culinary experts follow the most recent security guidelines in the kitchen while planning and serving food to our visitors during the desert safari. The excellent food that we do is a component that makes us stand apart from the other specialist organizations. Live cooking and a show of proper Arabic food, joined with other global dishes, empower the interest of the visitors taking the experience to an unheard-of level. 

  • Starters: Falafel sandwiches, Cheddar Samosas (cheddar), Veg Pakoras, French fries, with Mint Chutney and Ketchup
  • Bar-b-que Station: Barbecued Fish/Sheep, bar-b-que Chicken/Tikka, Sheep/Lamb Seekh Kebabs, Blended Barbecued Vegetables, Chicken Bosom, Shish Tawuq, Fish Amritsari
  • Fundamental Course: Biriyani/Steamed/Vegetable Rice, Okra with Pureed tomatoes, Kidney beans, Channa Masala, Blended Vegetable curry, Tadka Dal, Sauteed Vegetables, Spices Potato Fava beans with olive oil and lemon/parsley/onion/tomato/flavors; Eggs or Zaatar Arabic bread (prepared with thyme and sesame), Kabab bread presented with date syrup
  • Self-service counter: Hummus with olive oil, Fatush with cucumber cuts, Oregano-enhanced pasta salad, Coleslaw, and Rokka leaves salad, Raita, Red/Green cabbage with mint chutney, a green plate of mixed greens, Muhamarah, Olives, and pickles
  • Pastries: Newly cut occasional natural product plates, Rice pudding, Tabula, Alterable, Umm Ali, Luquimat
  • Beverages: Arabic espresso, mineral water, determination of tea and espresso, new squeezes, Sodas

What Our Desert Safaris in Dubai Include

In our endeavors to make your experience the best and most energizing for you, each sort of desert safari is loaded with captivating, wondrous, and energizing schedules that you will adore:

  ♦  Photography Opportunities:      Take photos of the ideal  minutes and casing and engrave them to your life to encounter the minutes again and again.

  Dinner, Breakfast, Arabian                         Delicacies:                                We know how vital food is to any desert safari. Subsequently, regardless of where and when we make it, every one of them is a treat you will surely cherish.

  Exciting Desert Camel   Rides:  No desert safari, morning or night, is finished without an intriguing camel ride. Thus, all safaris come stacked with a camel ride.

 ♦  Live Entertainment,                                          Unlimited:                      We make the most memorable experience for you with each desert safari pack you pick with limitless diversion programs.

  Henna Design that You Love: We have the best henna planners for you free of charge for individuals who love to have specialists who indeed do henna plans on your hand.

  Unlimited, Free Soft Drinks:
We know it’s a hot desert. Thus, we bring you free soda pops, tea, espresso, and water to keep you hydrated and invigorated throughout the safari.

  Desert Adventures:           What’s more exciting and refreshing than a few desert experience exercises, for example, ridge slamming, sand messing with, and an all-wheel drive desert ride? We got them all.

  Toilet Facilities:                        We bring perfect and agreeable latrine offices for our comrades with discrete offices for people all through the safaris.

  Quad Biking:                                  You can partake in the brave insight of going over the desert of Dubai on a quad bicycle to esteem it for life to come.

  Sand Boarding:                Appreciate coasting over the sand hills of Dubai for an encounter you can never have elsewhere. It is particularly Bedouin, you know it.

  4WD Dune Bashing:                  Get into our all-wheel drive vehicle and appreciate slamming through the ridges that resist your way for a thrilling rough terrain experience in the Dubai desert.

Value-Added Desert Camp Activities

We work extremely hard day in and day out to ensure that our patrons must have the best desert safari experience in Dubai with us. We are willing to go any lengths to see our patrons smile with joy and excitement. Hence, in addition to the standard offerings with each, we also offer these value-added services as well.

♥  Falcon Photography:        Catch pictures with the glorious public bird of the UAE, the Hawk, for flawless photos you will cherish.

              ♥  Horse-Riding:                      Ever rode a horse in a desert? We bring you the best opportunity to do so and we have trained horses and experts for a unique horse-riding experience.

   ♥  Long Camel trekking:      Presently, go for a long camel ride along the rises of the Middle Eastern deserts for an encounter you will continuously treasure and recollect.

               ♥  VIP Services:                We bring plenty of celebrity administrations for every one of our supporters who settle on such an identification while going for our desert safaris in Dubai.

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